Latest 2022 Scholarships in Italy CICOPS for Foreigner Developing Countries

Latest 2022 Scholarships in Italy CICOPS for Foreigner Developing Countries. The call for applications for CICOPS Scholarships for Developing Countries to study in Italy in 2023 is now open. The CICOPS Scholarship Program is a sponsorship agreement between the University of Pavia and EDiSU (Institute of the Right to University Studies).

To promote international cooperation, especially with developing countries, Rif. World Bank Rankings Income_2022, University of Pavia, and EDiSU (Institute of the Right to University Studies) have awarded 5 scholarships to 2023 incoming scholars for a stay of 4 to 12 weeks at the University of Pavia.

Scholarship sponsors: University of Pavia and EDiSU

Scholarship Type: Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Host: University of Pavia, Italy

Scholarship Price: Unannounced

Number of prizes: different

Level of study: Postgraduate

Nationality: International students

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Eligibility Criteria | CICOPS Scholarships

  1. Scholarships are open to international students.
  2. Applicants must have at least two years of teaching experience or activity within international organizations and institutions.
  3. The selection of candidates will be based on the criteria of the proposal scrutinized by the concerned departments.

Scholarships in Italy Application Procedures

How to apply for Scholarships in Italy CICOPS : The application must be made online. Please read the call and frequently asked questions carefully before applying, and complete the online application form only once you have received an invitation from your liaison professor at the University of Pavia.
Applicants who have no contact can write to the CICOPS office, which will send a research proposal form for completion and will be sent back to CICOPS with a CV (email: [email protected])
CICOPS will review the research proposal and, if your research project is consistent with the research activity at the University of Pavia, the office will forward your proposal to the relevant department.

Application Deadline: 31st May 2022

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

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