Undergraduate International Students Scholarships in the USA- Alvernia University

Undergraduate International Students Scholarships in the USA- Alvernia University. The University of Albania offers a limited number of international scholarships for eligible graduate students. Interested students must complete a separate scholarship application in addition to the application for admission.

Please note: Alvernia does not offer scholarships for graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

All undergraduate students wishing to study at the University of Alvernia must complete an Alvernia online application for admission, which can be done by clicking here.

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Upon admission to the university, international undergraduate students may apply for this scholarship opportunity, which includes various levels of grants ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 22,000 per year as a merit award. These scholarships are offered to both first-year international students and those transferring from another college or university located outside the United States.

Qualification requirements

The University of Albania offers scholarships to all enrolled first-year and international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree as a traditional day student at our main campus in Reading.

These Merit Scholarships are renewable for four years (up to eight semesters), all for the same amount. Scholarships cannot be combined with any other award, including a government scholarship, so if an applicant is already receiving another financial award, he or she cannot apply for the Alvernia International Scholarship.


Other requirements:

  • Become a full-time college student, primarily attending daytime classes.
  • Achieved a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 by the May 1 scholarship application deadline.
  • Complete English proficiency and financial specifications.

Complete the application

Submit each of the following documents to Alvernia International Admissions by the May 1 application deadline:

  1. International Scholarship Application Please apply to [email protected] to apply after enrolling at the University of Alvernia.
  2. Statement of the proposed study. This should be a separate document, in which the applicant student explains (in 300 words or less) why the University of Albania should grant them a scholarship and how their educational and personal goals will contribute to our campus community.
  3. Unofficial report card. The student will have to submit all the transcripts of all the schools that have already studied.
  4. A letter of recommendation. This letter must be submitted by the deadline along with the scholarship application package.
  5. Scholarship options

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The Alvernia Scholarships available to eligible international applicants include:

The International Honors Scholarship is 22,000 each year for a high-performing student who completes his or her previous education with recognized success. Apply here now.

  • The Global Ambassador Scholarship awards 15,000 annually to eligible international students who demonstrate leadership ability and desire to serve as cultural ambassadors to the United States. Apply here now.
  • The International Ambassador Scholarship provides 10,000 scholarships each year to successful students. Apply here now.
  • The Catholic Schools Scholarship awards $ 1,000 to full-time new men graduating from Catholic High School for the first time. It can be combined with other awards, as well as included in financial aid packages, and will automatically apply to eligible student applications.
  • The selection process will begin after the May 1 deadline for scholarship applications. During this time, the International Scholarship Committee will review all submitted applications. At least three committee members will review each application independently. The University of Albania notifies applicants of the outcome at the end of the process.

To continue your scholarship during your studies, you must enroll as a full-time student each semester, with a minimum of 12 credits, and an average grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Will maintain

Overseas Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Albania does not offer full-tuition scholarship opportunities for international students. Although students cannot combine other scholarships with the Alvernia Awards, international students are strongly encouraged to apply for overseas scholarship options. Here are some suggested sites:

Official website

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