The University of Dublin – Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships in Ireland

Postgraduate Scholarships in Ireland – The University of Dublin Global Excellence.

Granted Scholarships in Ireland:

Scholarships worth up to € 5,000 each apply only as a reduction in tuition fees for the full-time postgraduate program for the first year of study.

There are several scholarships available in the following fields: Full-time postgraduate programs (Business School applicants must apply for a Business School Scholarship).

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Postgraduate Scholarships Who can apply:

Applicants who have non-EU status will pay tuition fees at a non-EU rate.

Selection Criteria: Scholarships will be judged on the basis of academic achievement and assessment of applicants’ ability to participate in the wider Trinity community.

Postgraduate Scholarships Application process

Submit your scholarship application as follows:

Email your application to your regional office. If you are not sure who your regional officer is, please select your country of residence on this page and check the name of your regional officer in the “Contact Details” section.
Subject Line: Your Name + Trinity Application ID + Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship

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Scholarship Application Documents (Please make sure all documents include your name and Trinity Application ID number):

Trinity offer letter (Applicants must have received a conditional or firm offer of a place in Trinity’s postgraduate course).
A 200-word statement about “How I will contribute to the Trinity College Dublin community”. – Send in Microsoft Word document or PDF format.
curriculum vitae
You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the scholarship application.
If you have been selected for the scholarship, your regional officer will notify you and inform you of the formal acceptance of the scholarship.
Please note that the deadline for all US scholarship applications is April 1.
The deadline for all Indian scholarship applications is May 1.

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