Study Free in Norway – 10 Tuition-Free Universities in Norway 2022/2023

Study Free in Norway – 10 Tuition-Free Universities in Norway 2022/2023. Have you ever considered studying in Norway but are worried about tuition fees? The good news is, you don’t have to worry too much about fees, as this article is for more than 10 tuition-free universities in Norway for international students to study for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Shows Program

Norway is known as an expensive nation to live in, but it is also a nation that provides high-quality university education to international students without tuition fees. You can apply for one of the free universities, and you are on your way to study in Europe with little or no financial hassle.

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Norway, a country in Northern Europe

Study Free in Norway, Norway is a Nordic country within a continent of northern Europe, comprising the western and northernmost parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The country has a total area of 385,207 square kilometers (148,729 square miles) and a population of 5,425,270 as of January 2022. Norway’s largest city is Oslo and it is twice as large as the country’s largest city.

Regardless of the small size of the country, its universities and colleges are renowned for their quality education. Because it is an English-speaking country, a good number of its university programs and courses are taught in English.

Study Free in Norway -Tuition Free Universities in 2022

I am sure that this list of 10+ tuition-free universities in Norway for international students will be helpful in your decision to study in Norway.

1) Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences is located in As, Norway. It was founded in 1859, became a junior college in 1897, and then became a full-fledged university in 2005 and admits a high percentage of international students.

Students can study the following degrees at NMBU: Science, Technology, Food Science, Bioscience, Business, Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Landscaping, Environmental Science, and more.

Tuition at this university is free for international students. However, they will have to pay a semester fee of approximately NOK 470 ($ 55) to enjoy some of the student programs and student welfare.

2) University of Southeast Norway

The University of Southeastern Norway (USN) was established in 2018 due to the continuity of the colleges of Buscroud, Westfold, and Telemark University. Located in southeastern Norway, the institute provides free tuition to all its students.

Students can study for the following degrees: Humanities and Education, Technology and Maritime Sciences, Health and Social Sciences, and Business. Many students at this institution are studying at Horten, Porsgrunn, Hnefoss, and other campuses.

The University of Southeast Norway does not charge tuition, but students pay a fee of approximately NOK 929 ($ 108) per semester for photocopying, printing, and student welfare.

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3) Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences

The Western Norwegian University of Applied Sciences (HVL) was established in 2017 through the merger of Stord, Sogndal, Bergen, Førde, and Haugesund, with campuses at five locations.

Study Free in Norway, Students can study for degrees in health and social sciences, education and arts, business administration, and engineering and science while accessing food, handicrafts, health, and marine activities, and driving school. Can

Tuition is free for domestic and international students at West Norway University of Applied Sciences. But, international students have to pay one semester per semester for the welfare of the students.

4) University of Bergen

Commonly known as UiB, the University of Bergen is one of the best tuition-free universities in Norway. It was established in 1946 and has more than 14,000 students, both Norwegian and international, receiving a quality education.

Degrees that students can study at Bergen University include law, medicine, mathematics, and natural sciences, psychology, music and the arts, social sciences, humanities, and more.

Tuition is free for all students here, but they must pay approximately NOK 590 ($ 65) per Student Welfare Organization support fee per semester.

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5) Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has three campuses. Campus of Trondheim, Joaquin and Lisand. It was founded in 1760 and has become one of Norway’s top three universities.

Students of different nationalities can pursue the following degrees at NTNU: Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture & Design, Medicine, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Management, Education, Social Sciences, and Economics.

Admission to this institution is free as it has public support so that students can get free and quality education. International students will pay a one-semester fee of approximately NOK 580 ($ 68) per semester to enjoy student organizations and welfare services.

6) Oslo Metropolitan University

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) was born in 2018 through the merger of some educational institutions in Oslo. Students enjoy learning in a quiet environment with a new infrastructure.

Study Free in Norway, Most courses at OsloMet are taught in Norwegian and only a few are offered in English, French, and German. Therefore, applicants should make appropriate inquiries on the institution’s website before applying for any course.

Degrees available for local and international students to study at Oslo Metropolitan University include education and information sciences, technology and design, health sciences, and social sciences.

Tuition at this institution is as free as any other, but students pay an additional fee of approximately NOK 600 ($ 70) per semester and NOK 220 ($ 25) per copy for student welfare services.

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7) Ostfold University College

Ostfold University College was established in 2018 when some of the institutions of Oslo merged with some of the institutions of Oslo. It is located in Viken County and has campuses in Halsen and Frederikstad.

The institute offers free tuition to international students who can study for degrees in business, computer science, engineering, social sciences, theater studies, health sciences, education, and foreign languages.

Tuition is free at Ostfold University College, except for students who pay a low semester fee of NOK 600 ($ 70) per semester, as the institution is publicly funded.

8) Norwegian Arctic University

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) was founded in 1972 and has become the third best university in Norway, with a large number of international students studying for various degrees.

The institute is located in Troms and offers students degrees in biosciences and fisheries, fine arts, health sciences, humanities and education, sports and social work, science and technology, and law.

Norwegian Arctic University provides free education. Students will only pay a semester fee of NOK 625 ($ 73) to access student welfare and complete their registration.

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9) University of the North

Nord University is located in Trondheilag and Nordland, with its central and secondary campuses located at Namsos, Western, Stanker, Lavender, Rana, Nesna, Bod, and other locations. It is one of the best higher education institutions in Norway.

At Nord University, local and international students can study education and the arts, social sciences, biosciences and aquaculture, business, and nursing and health sciences at these campus venues.

Tuition at this institution is free for all students. However, international students must provide proof of their financial ability and pay a semester fee of approximately NOK 725 ($ 85), which includes student organization and administrative expenses.

10) University of Agder

Formerly known as Agder University College and later became Agder University in 2007, the institute is known for conducting research in gender studies, signal processing, artificial intelligence, European studies, and other similar disciplines.

Study Free in Norway, The institute has campuses at  Grimstad and  Kristiansand and offers students degrees in engineering and sciences, fine arts, health and sports sciences, humanities and education, business and law, teacher education, and social sciences.

Tuition at Agder University is free, but full-time students must pay a semester fee of approximately NOK 800 ($ 93) for student welfare.

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