Study for free in Lithuania – Lithuania Scholarships 2022

Fully funded Lithuanian Scholarships 2022-2023 academic session began admitting international students to their universities. Now is the time to submit an application to win a scholarship organized by the Lithuanian government.

Are you thinking of studying in the Baltic region of Europe, near the coast, with amazing and peaceful scenery?

So why not go to the Republic of Lithuania? It is a developed country with a high-income economy which is one of the leading countries in the Human Development Index and has many advantages in terms of education. If you study at a Lithuanian university, you will surely have a successful career.

There are many reasons why you should pursue higher education in Lithuania. It is not only a wonderful place to visit but also attracts international students for higher education.

Internationally recognized higher education system:

Lithuania ranks 59th in higher education rankings in the latest US News and World Report. Lithuania consists of 24 colleges and 22 universities that offer internationally recognized educational programs and qualifications.

Provision of affordable education:

Lithuania has a relatively low-cost higher education system compared to institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, international students can apply for Lithuanian scholarships.

Affordable life supplies:

Living in Lithuania is cheaper than in 54% of the world’s countries. According to the Cost of Living Reports survey, not only housing but also transportation, utility, entertainment, and sports prices are affordable.

Easy access to the rest of Europe:

Lithuania is located in the heart of Europe, making it one of the best gateways to the rest of Europe. All major European tourist destinations are only two to three hours away. So you can easily travel during your semester break.

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Pleasant atmosphere:

The citizens of this country are known to be very hospitable and sociable. Many Lithuanians are bilingual. They will definitely make you feel at home and you will never feel sick at home when you are in the company of Lithuanians.

High standard of living:

Lithuania is known for its world-class healthcare infrastructure and is ranked number one in Central and Eastern Europe in the Green Cities Index. Lithuania is a place full of amazing scenery and greenery. The country has pine forests and lakes that are calm and clean, giving you a chance to escape when you get tired of studying hard.

Extraordinary culture:

Lithuania is rich in modern culture and heritage. Reading in a dream place like Lithuania, where you can find, is something beyond adventure. The country is full of German Gothic, Italian Baroque, and French classical architecture, which will make you laugh every time you see it.

Easy Visa Policies:

Lithuania has flexible visa policies, especially for students. It always welcomes international students and, unlike other countries, allows them to work 20 hours a week, as long as they are enrolled.

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No IELTS / TOEFL required:

English is the medium of communication in most Lithuanian universities. Therefore, international students who are fluent in English do not need to submit English test scores.

Require IELTS to enter Lithuania: Optional

Alternative IELTS tests are also accepted for admission to Lithuanian universities. Therefore, technically, IELTS is not a prerequisite for admission to Lithuanian universities. IELTS Alternative Certificates accepted in Lithuania are TOEFL, PET, CAEL, etc.

Lithuanian Scholarship Funding Grants

Lithuanian Scholarship winners will enjoy a discounted education or a completely free education with the following scholarship package.

  • Free education in Lithuania
  • Monthly stipend for students.
  • Lithuania Health Insurance Plan
  • Accommodation and financing of air tickets and books.
  • Lithuania Free Study Visa

Scholarships in Lithuania 2022:

Lithuania has an affordable higher education system, with lower living costs. Best of all, Lithuania offers excellent scholarships for ambitious and financially unstable students to help them build their future at the lowest possible cost. These benefits are:

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Conas University of Technology Scholarships:

The Kaunas University of Technology is located in Kaunas and tops the list of Lithuania’s best universities. The institute offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This scholarship is given especially to hard-working and talented students.

While this scholarship is fully funded, there are other scholarships that provide partial support to some students. Fully funded scholarships include tuition fees, housing fees, and a monthly stipend.

University of Vilnius:

The University of Vilnius, Lithuania’s largest university, offers postgraduate scholarships and the scholarship program covers all subjects. The company offers programs in 2 languages. Russian and English. Scholars will get the benefit of a full-tuition discount.

The applicant must be an international student from outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In addition, the applicant should not, in any way, be affiliated with any other scholarship program.

University of Vytautas Magnus:

Vytautas Magnus University offers scholarships for Bachelor and Master levels. But these scholarships are not fully funded and only cover the cost of partial tuition fees. Eligible programs are taught in English.

Applicants are not required to submit English test scores. However, students must demonstrate their ability to speak English fluently through a university-administered test. These tests will be in the form of interviews.

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Lithuanian Government Awards:

This scholarship program is for higher education institutions in Lithuania. In total, 70 awards are available, for international students only. This scholarship is for students who have already entered and are pursuing a master’s degree from any university in Lithuania. This scholarship offers the program holder a monthly stipend of EUR 380 per month.

Students from Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia will be given maximum access to full-cost coverage, but this is only possible if students are students in one of these fields. Technical sciences, design, creative arts, biomedical sciences and physical sciences.

Note: Applicants must be fluent in the target language of the course they are studying.

Lithuania Foundation Scholarships:

This scholarship program is for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This scholarship program is accessible only to students from Lithuania and the United States. The programs offered under this scholarship are:

  • Linguistics
  • Folklore
  • Literature
  • History of Lithuania

The purpose behind the design of this scholarship program was to promote Lithuania’s rich culture and heritage through its own students and students from the United States, and the recipients of the award would receive an annual stipend of USD 5,000.

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