Scholarships Without IELTS Trinity College Dublin in 2022 – Admissions Open Now

Admissions for the 2022-2023 class at Trinity College of Dublin are open for applications under the Trinity College Scholarships without IELTS 2022. Therefore, it is one of the best opportunities for students to get free education without IELTS.

In fact, Dublin’s Trinity College is one of Ireland’s leading and number one institutions. It has maintained its academic standing by providing high-quality teaching and learning experiences to Irish and international students.

Trinity College Dublin, on the other hand, offers a number of scholarship programs to international candidates, in collaboration with the Government of Ireland. Through these scholarships, they are expanding the global network and investing in the next generation.

Trinity College Dublin requires IELTS: optional

English is an optional requirement at IELTS Trinity College Dublin. If any of these nine test certificates can be submitted by the applicant; Cambridge University English Exams, European Bachelor’s, Irish Certificate of Completion, GCSE, French Bachelor’s, US High School Curriculum, TOEFL, International Bachelor’s, or Pearson Test of English (PTE).

English is the medium of instruction for subjects at Trinity College Dublin as it welcomes all citizens of foreign countries. However, non-English language students must show a language proficiency certificate when applying for admission.

Trinity College Dublin Admission Rate: 33.5%

Admission to Trinity College Dublin is not a walk in the park. It is one of the best universities in Ireland with a higher academic status. Admission here is very difficult and competitive and it depends entirely on the merit of the students.

Trinity College Dublin application fees are: € 55 (individual application)

How to apply for a scholarship to Trinity College Dublin?

Getting a scholarship to such a prestigious university is not as easy as it may seem. There are certain protocols and qualification standards that must be followed. Similarly, when applying for a scholarship, there are different requirements for each degree level. However, scholarship programs are based on merit, nationality, and selected degree programs.

If a student plans to apply for any Without IELTS Scholarships in a particular degree program, an offer letter is required. Similarly, for undergraduate programs, all of the above requirements must be met. But to fail in this regard, the candidate will need to enroll in the Trinity International Foundation program to be eligible for the undergraduate program.

Other requirements include;

  • A letter explaining how the candidate will serve the Trinity College community.
  • In the meantime, a CV, transcripts, and two letters of recommendation are required to submit with the scholarship application.
  • After receiving the Admission or Scholarship Award Letter, the applicant must proceed with the Irish Study Visa with the Immigration Office.

List of scholarships offered by Trinity College Dublin:

Trinity College Dublin offers various scholarships to all international students in collaboration with the Irish government, giving them the opportunity to study and research. Let’s talk in detail about each scholarship.

1- Government of Ireland Scholarships:

  • This is a Without IELTS Scholarships for all students from non-EEA countries.
  • Duration: 1 year.
  • Number of benefits: 60
  • Academic studies will begin in September or October 2022.
  • € 10,000 Scholarship Fund will be given to selected students by HEA for one year.
  • In the meantime, students will be provided with living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Full tuition fee waiver for selected candidates.
  • Only these students can apply for the scholarship.
  • Studying the final year of the bachelor program.
  • Enrolled in a one-year Masters’s of Research program.
  • Deadline: April 17, 2022

2- Global Business Scholarships:

  • This scholarship is for Bachelor of Business Sciences.
  • The prize money is 5,000 euros.
  • Candidates with non-EU status are eligible for this scholarship.
  • However, candidates will be selected on the basis of academic record, merit, and ability to serve the community.
  • The application process for this scholarship is online.

3- Better World Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • Course duration: 1 year.
  • Scholarship prize: € 2,000 to € 4,000
  • However, there are 20 scholarships for the 4-year degree and candidates will receive € 4,000.
  • Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Environmental Science, and Joint Honors in Geography and Computer Science.
  • Meanwhile, scholarships for the first-year program cost 10,000. However, there is a 4,000 reward for the rest of the year.

Who can apply for Without IELTS Scholarships?

Candidates with an offer letter with non-EU status are eligible for the Global Business Scholarship.

Application deadline:

  1. Announcement of the first shipment: March 1, 2022
  2. First batch deadline: June 1, 2022
  3. Second batch announcement: April 1, 2022
  4. Second batch deadline: July 1, 2022

4- E3 Balanced Better Global Postgraduate Scholarships:

  • This is a one-year scholarship for postgraduate studies with an interval of € 2,000 to € 4,000.
  • Scholarships are available for various degree programs such as;
  • Computer science
  • The science of phenomena
  • statistics
  • Energy Sciences
  • Environmental history
  • Engineering
  • Applicants who have an offer letter are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Trinity College, meanwhile, is also offering one-year scholarships for € 10,000 enrolled in the MSc Electronic Information Engineering and MSc Smart and Sustainable Cities programs).

5- Postgraduate Global Excellence Scholarships:

  • Applications for September 2022 are now open.
  • The scholarship amounts to 5,000.
  • Applicants with non-EU status can apply.
  • To apply, contact your local country registrar’s office.
  • Applicants from China, India, and the United States can also apply for this scholarship program.
  • The deadline for the United States is April 1, 2022.

6- Mitchell Without IELTS Scholarships:

  • This is a scholarship program established by the United Ireland Alliance under the name of George J. Mitchell.
  • Approximately 12 scholarships for students between the ages of 18 and 30 are announced each year for foreign students in various fields.
  • Benefits include travel and living expenses, accommodation, tuition.
  • Candidates must be US citizens to apply for this scholarship.
  • However, the selection criteria are based on the following; Scholarships, quality of leadership, commitment to community service.

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