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Airbus Flight Academy Europe (AFAE) has opened a new New Training Campus For Cadet Pilots in Angoulême, southwestern France. The Spanish airline Volotea, based in Barcelona, will be AFAE’s first customer on the new campus, recruiting the first generation of cadet pilots.

New Academy
According to its website, Airbus Flight Academy Europe has six different campuses in France, in Salon de Provence, Cognac, Auvergne, Lane Beau, Lenovo, and Angolium.

It was created in 2006 to provide assets and training services that support pilot schools of the French Air Force and the French Navy. New Campus For Cadet Pilots, In addition, it is the first school in Europe to offer an Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Program. Airbus offers this program in other locations, for example, Mexico.

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In 2019, Airbus launched its Ab-Initio training program, which equips cadets with the skills and mindset to become “operationally trained pilots”. The program focuses on developing the pilot’s key technical and operational skills.

Now, the launch of the new facility enables AFAE to train up to 200 pilot cadets at a time.

The new facility covers 4.7 hectares, including a new building of approximately 3,200 square meters that will be used to train aspiring pilots with 14 classrooms, a simulator room, an auditorium, and a restaurant.


Volotea, first customer New Training Campus For Cadet Pilots

New Training Campus For Cadet Pilots Volotea is a Spanish airline. ch- According to the data provided by Aviation, it has a fleet of 39 aircraft. Its fleet consists of 20 Airbus A319s, 15A320s, and four Boeing 717-200s. The airline also expects to deliver four additional aircraft in the future.

Volotea wants to hire eleven of the recently graduated pilot cadets from Airbus. The cadets will join the Spanish airline and begin working as commercial airline pilots in April or May this year.

Volvotia CEO Carlos Meuse said:

“This is a very important day for Volotea because for the first time we will receive cadets directly from Airbus Flight Academy Europe. We are all excited because we know that the quality of the program is very high. According to the training philosophy.

He added that the airline is increasing its Airbus fleet year by year, and will therefore need more pilots.


Fulfilling the shortage of future pilots

COVID-19 epidemic only postpones the inevitable: there will be a shortage of pilots worldwide. According to Airbus, there will be a demand for about 550,000 new pilots in the next 20 years.

In Europe, the crisis is expected to intensify, as the continent may need 2,300 new pilots by 2023, according to a study by Oliver Weimann. The consulting firm said,

“By 2022, European airlines will have a shortage of more than 790 pilots, and by 2023 there will be a shortage of about 2,300 professionals.” I will reach 2029 with the need for 3,900 pilots.

Europe is the third least affected region in the world, after Africa and South America, to suffer from a shortage of civil aviation pilots. Meanwhile, the Asia / Pacific region will have a shortage of 22,670 pilots by the end of the decade, North America will need 20,600 new pilots, and the Middle East region will need 12,400 pilots.

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