Admissions Open Concordia University Scholarships – Without IELTS in 2022

Fully funded Canadian scholarships are open to all majors and subjects at Concordia University without IELTS. Therefore, please consider applying for 2023 admissions to Concordia University in 2022.

Concordia University is one of the most recognized universities in Canada. Furthermore, it was highly appreciated for its supportive and valuable scholarship offerings. These Canadian scholarships, awards, and fellowships cover all types of degrees and departments of study, making them even more accessible. However, some programs may require English language proficiency or proof of GRE / GMAT score.

The Concordia University application fee is $ 100.

Concordia University charges an application fee of $ 100 for undergraduate and graduate applications. Fees are non-refundable transactions. Payment must be made via credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, or UATP.

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Concordia University’s acceptance rate is 78.2%

Concordia University has an acceptance rate of 78.2%, especially higher on the charts. According to QS World University Rankings 2021, Concordia University is ranked 17th in the country and 477th in the world.

Concordia University requires IELTS: optional

Concordia University’s medium of instruction is English. Because of this, Concordia University requires proof of a student’s English language skills. Students who have completed English language proficiency courses, secondary or post-secondary courses of 4 years or more are not required to provide English language proficiency test results.

English language requirements at Concordia University:

The results of the English language proficiency test accepted by Concordia University include IELTS or TOEFL, DET, CAEL, CanTest, CAE, CPE, and PTE. The deadline to submit scores for these tests is July 31 for the fall admissions and December 1 for the winter admissions.

If the student does not meet the English proficiency criteria, Concordia University may grant conditional admission to the applicant. Students will go through an in-depth English language program that will provide specialized English language education. To pass out, a student must obtain a final grade above 70%. If that fails, the student may have to go through other required programs.

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Concordia University Scholarships for International Students

Concordia University offers a number of scholarship programs to its international students, which are essential during their stay in Canada. These Concordia Awards are given to students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses. Different programs are also available for different faculties at Concordia University.

Funding for Concordia University Scholarships Financial Coverage:

Concordia University offers a number of scholarship programs that greatly benefit students. These are mainly important for foreign students. Common benefits that these programs have to offer include tuition fee rebates, rent allowances, insurance, accident coverage, research allowances, and health coverage.

We will guide you through the University’s most prestigious and rewarding scholarship programs:

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1- Concordia Presidential Scholarships

It is said to be the most prestigious and prestigious Concordia University Scholarship for undergraduates. This is an Admissions Scholarship designed specifically for overseas applicants. It aims to provide financial security to students entering Canada. A total of 2 prizes will be awarded under this initiative.

Students get different coverage under the scheme. Tuition fees, book expenses, housing expenses, and meal plans are paid for by the university itself. Scholarships are extended for up to 4 years, as long as the student maintains a good academic record.

To be eligible, the student must enroll in a full-time undergraduate program. Students must have no prior college credit and apply to begin their course in the fall. In addition, students are required to enroll in a school or university. These nominations can come from the principal, teacher, or guidance counselor.

Decisions for this award are made based on academic achievement, community involvement, leadership skills, and a desire to contribute to the community.

2- Concordia International Scholars

This is another initiative designed specifically for foreign students. It is available at the undergraduate level. Under the scheme, a total of 2 prizes are given every year. The scholarship covers the cost of attendance for four years. However, academic performance and other merits on which the award was based will be retained.

It is given on the basis of academic ability and other characteristics such as flexibility and determination of students facing personal difficulties. All faculties are covered under this scheme. A separate application must be submitted for consideration for these Concordia Scholarships.

3-Concordia International Tuition Awards of Excellence

This scheme is primarily for Ph.D. students. Programs Under this initiative, students receive a reduction in tuition fees from international tuition fees. This reduction is given to all international students applying for a Ph.D. Program

However, while minimizing the shortfall, the remaining tuition costs should be assumed. Your fees will either be calculated and updated at the Quebec rate, or the tuition fees paid to international students will be eliminated.

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4- Scholarships for international students

These Concordia Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. These scholarships can cost up to $ 12,000. However, in case of additional requirements, more funds may be allocated. The scholarships are intended to encourage students to take courses on campus.

The application process for admission to Concordia University Scholarships:

Concordia University uses an online service to receive applications for admission. Before submitting your application for admission, you should first review the entry requirements and choose your desired program in Concordia.

To access the Concordia University application form, you must create a NetName ID. All uploaded documents must first be downloaded in PDF format. Other supporting documents must be submitted after the application is submitted. The results of the English language proficiency test should also be submitted by the due date.

Documents required to apply to Concordia University

Concordia University needs a series of complementary documents. International students will have to submit additional documents. The supporting documents required by the university include a CV, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Reference, Copies, Certificate, Birth Certificate, and English Language Proficiency Test results.

2022 Concordia Application Deadline:

The deadline to apply for admission to Concordia University is April 1, 2022.

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